Sunday, January 16, 2011

MMS protocol with DMSO

Alright , i've been reading up on the net that there is a cure for herpes HSV-1 and HSV-2. This cure uses mms and citric acid mixed together with a daily protocol to follow by. It says you must be able to take 15 drops of mms  5 times a day  For a straight 5 hours in a row.You must work your way up from 1 drop 5 times a day to 15 drops 5 times a day. And it says you will experience diarrea , vomitting, or nausea all the way through the protocol. Though this sounds kind of scary to me, it says that this is normal because it is cleaning your body and blood.  It says this procedure will take about 3 months and claims that your herpes will be cured if you can follow the protocol 100%. It also says you must have a diet balance of 80% alkaline foods and 20% acidic foods. Otherwise the protocol wont work. I have yet to read anyone saying this actually worked, but it always is worth giving a shot. What have i got to lose? Ill let you know how it turned out for me. Anyone that has any interesting information about cold sores and a possible cure let me know. Thank you. Im hoping to be able to help people with the same problem as i have.


  1. 15 drops 5 times a day is too much for anybody to handle most cases .

    i recomend working up to 15 drops and then try 15 drops, once a night for two weeks to two months.....go slow but keep at it in a healthy way that you can still function. you will eventually clean out your system.
    I used to take 10 drops at night, then in an hour from that dose , i would take ten more, then in and hour again i would take ten more .
    so essentially when i got up to 30 drops like that a nite for one week i began to feel way better.
    And my herpes / skin fungus or whatever the hell I had , dissapeared.some of the disease I had came out through my skin around shins and calves. It hardened and i peeled it away like scabs?.New skin grew back. I dont know what I had but what ever it was I believe it was in my intestines and over spilled into my blood stream.Maybe it was candidia over growth.
    I think in all it took me about 8 months to heal.
    I took MMS at night and during the day i would take my vitamins and good bacterias.
    Pray and monitor yourself wisely. stay calm. God bless and God speed to anyone trying to take their health into their own hands...Triumph...